Worm farming equipment

Over the past few years we have spent a lot of time and money sourcing specialised equipment to help make the job of feeding, cultivating, watering & topping up our worms beds easier. We have also had specially-designed fattening trays made for us, and a trommel to separate worms from peat or bedding.

Our feeder/cultivator - complete with sprayer system and sheet roller attachments.


Worm trommel - used to separate worms from their bedding material and to grade wormcast, ready for bagging


Fattening trays - which house our harvested worms in the shed

As we have finished worm breeding here the above equipment is now available for sale secondhand - and we can supply you with new equipment too - either similar to the above or scaled to suit the size of your operation.

Please contact us for more details and prices or to discuss your requirements.